Become a Mess Champion

Be an integral part of restoring the Mess as the heart of the hospital once more.


Support for junior doctors is lacking, making training harder than it should be. To top it off, the doctors′ mess is slowly dying. This has an impact on the morale and happiness of every junior doctor. We believe that there′s a better way for doctors.

Messly is an exciting movement that′s bringing together our profession, helping better support doctors do their jobs and ultimately make it more fulfilling and rewarding to be a junior doctor.

We are working hard to bring back the best bits of a vibrant and active mess to every hospital - and we need your help.


We're building a national mess

A digital doctors' mess to empower our profession to take back control. Taking the best bits of the original doctors' mess and marrying this with world-class digital tools and services, to provide junior doctors with the best resources and a comprehensive support network to realise their full potential.


Make a difference

We're looking for smart, innovative and energetic doctors to join our inaugural Mess Champion programme in August 2018. You'll be part of launching and scaling the national mess network across your hospital and contributing to a lasting legacy within the NHS.

How you′ll benefit from the programme

Clinical Leadership

Take an active role in supporting the welfare and training of junior doctors. Make your voice heard and gain a credible leadership role for specialty applications.


Work with and create innovative digital tools and services to implement meaningful changes in your hospital.


Contribute to building a national mess network bringing our profession closer and providing the support for you and your colleagues.

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Become a Mess Champion at your hospital starting August 2018

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